Sunday, 25 December 2011

5 days to go!

5 days to leave 2011 and welcome 2012!

I wonder if there will be any big change in my life during these 5 days as I am leaving this year.  I am actually supposed to write a new post on paintball activity done by KUV on KUV's blog and somehow I am losing my words so I ended up writing on my own blog. ^_^

 Well as I’m writing this post without any plan, I just wanna point out some points, some big events that happen to me this year.[n I’m planning to write about my 2011 properly on the next post, so wait for it yeah!]

January- I went for ice skating during the New Year holiday.

February- my surprised birthday party by my classmates [including Nawal] n my lecturer let us home without any home task because it was my birthday!

 March- joined badminton training [which caused some big changes to my life- yeah man.. I got to know Aniq, Alan, Aidid, Hafidz, Faridah, Katya, Doenna, Misha[coach] and for sure my best catalyst ever – Tan Eelin..haha]

April- I lost my grandmother.. Al-Fatehah, somehow 2 days after was my mother’s Happy Birthday bu! I sang one of her favorite songs- Ku Ada Kamu and made her some videos.

May-anything special???

June- summer’s exams

July- Vacation at Korea, Singapore

August- Ramadhan in Malaysia, reunion of “tujuh bergelora”

September- Back to Russia, with new hopes! Celebrated Nawal’s and Jiha’s birthday.

October- Aidilfitri’s Celebration n I was the MC. Well, new and nice experience. Thanks for believing me in such responsibility.

November- My dad’s birthday. Made him a video by using pictures I took myself by using my DSLR. Kak Dayah’s birthday- gave her a memorial album. This is my first time do a birthday video and memorial album. How lucky they are..haha

December- Syazwan’s birthday. Celebrated at Coffee House.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Plastic surgery and make up

SO, here come the post on beauty ahaks! Well,last month I posted on vitamin C injection and here we go this month topic : Plastic surgery and make up!

I told Hairi, if I'm allowed to do any plastic surgery, there will be three out of thousands,that i want to undergo.
1. Ilizarov's apparatus (for medic student you better know this one)
2. Eye-bag removal
3. Nose job


Just now I found out that make up is the most possible-magic that can happen to someone. Make up can transfer someone into goddess or vice-versa.


Above all, I'm so thankful for all that I have! Alhamdulillah. I just can't imagine myself losing one of these nikmat that Allah give. And I can't imagine if I am the victim of simbahan asid.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

FB knows it better than me

I keep denying about it. I even avoid myself from looking at his profile. I did everything I could, to make sure his profile is not the first profile to pop up when I type this one letter. Somehow FB keep updated me about him. And today, I post on a new album,paintball umno. Some people who are not my friends like some of those pictures, and fb tend to pop this notice ---> Upin (friends with !@#$%^&*) likes your photo. Guess what! It is his name. Oh man! FB stop teasing me DUSH!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tahun lepas,tahun ini dan tahun depan.

2010-2011-First year
Masa : Terhad
Aktiviti : Pelbagai...sebab duit banyak. 3D,4D,5D semua Mi belasah. Ice skating lagi boling lagi. Nasib baik tak ada karaoke box je kat Rusia ini. Kalau tak habis Mi belasah juga. Shopping lagi. Yelah konon guna alasan, "xpe, basicla, first year memang kena spend lebih sikit. Kita kan nak duduk kat sini lagi lima tahun, tapi bila difikir-fikir ada saja barang-barang yang ikut kehendak bukan keperluan. Makan kat luar jangan cakaplah. Sekali makan...X hengat! X boleh bedal daging punya pasal, sekali makan, makan macam badak.

2011-2012- Second year
Masa : Banyak
Aktiviti : Terhad...sebab balik Malaysia cuti musim panas yang lepas, dah joli sana-sini. 

Duit ada..... CUKUP, tapi x lebih. Faham? :)  Kena berjimat seperti post Mi yang sebelum ini, I have something to buy on my mind. Nak makan luar pun bukan main  berkira. Malu juga dengan kawan-kawan, macam kita ini berkira sangat. Memang x seronok jimat-jimat ini wa cakap lu, tapi nak wat camna.. nak juga beli benda tu!huhu 

2012-2013- Third year
Masa : Terhad
Aktiviti : Terhad
Senior-senior kata third year busy. Duit pula mustahil kalau lebih banyak daripada 2nd year.  Lainlah kalau MARA nak naikkan biasiswa. Amin. Xpela... x naikkan pun xpe, jgn kurangkan sudah, makan pasir Mi nanti. hihi

Jom kita berjimat. $$$

 P/s: Adalah dengar senior kata, kalau 2nd yr. x enjoy, memang siaplah korang. So, I decide to enjoy without spending money. Though it is tiring to control my desire to buy this and that, still I have to! Go go Mi! 

Monday, 5 December 2011

Peringatan 1

‎"Its worth everything that u have a lot of friends that u called as ukhuwah,
but its worth nothing if the ukhuwah smudged with backbiting and backstabbing..."
_every_relationship_requires_trust-by Shahidzat Nordin

 ‎'HABLUMMINALLAH WA HABLUMMINANNAS'- "Jika kita menjaga hubungan kita dengan Allah tetapi TIDAK DENGAN MANUSIA, itu juga sudah lari daripada konsep di atas.Harus kita ingat jika kita tinggal salah satu daripadanya maka TERBATALLAH IMAN kita."- blogger nabil

Pesanan ringkas dr saya sendiri..hablumminannas itu harusnya secara menyeluruh, jgn ada yg memilih-milih, membanding-bandingkan org yg itu dan ini..kwn yg begitu dan begini..sekian

P/s: dulu Mi takut nak pos benda-benda macam ni, sebab Allah murka dengan org yg tidak melaksanakan apa yg dia sendiri sampaikan. InsyaAllah, hari ini Mi tekad juga pos peringatan2 macam ini, dengan satu-satunya harapan Mi; untuk mengingati diri sendiri yang mudah lupa.Amin. :)


Hari ini kasut Mi rosak zip. Masa tu dekat rumah senior, nak balik rumah sendiri. Alamak. Nasib baik senior ada banyak kasut. Bolehlah pinjam. Baiklah, isunya dekat sini adalah Mi dapat beberapa pengajaran. Sebelum ni, Mi tak berapa menghargai kasut itu. Bagi Mi kasut itu made me look funny! Tapi bila 'dia' dah rosak barulah Mi rasa sangat-sangat perlukan 'dia'.
Jadi, pengajaran pertama: sayangi dan hargai apa yang kalian ada sekarang.
Pengajaran kedua: Bersyukur dengan kawan-kawan dan senior-senior yang sudi membantu.

Macam mana kalian fikir? Mi dah ada plan kewangan untuk bulan Disember ini. Sudah semestinya Mi tak sediakan peruntukan untuk kasut baru. Boleh saja belasah kasut kanvas. Should I buy a new one for the sake of winter or should I just use the canvas shoes for the sake of saving [i have something to buy on my mind]. 


Sunday, 4 December 2011


"She who talks so loud. She who laugh so hard. She who smile so bright. Was She who hurt so much.

Experience indeed a great teacher. Be Strong my friend."- Uzair Suhud

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Near yet so far.

Long time ago, there was this one person who ignored me so much. She cared about others more than me. As for me, I do love her and respect her. Hence, I'm determined to hold on to her. Even my parents taught me how to take care of her. So I've been patient and always trying hard to show her that no matter how she ignored me, I'll still care about her. So a few years later, my hard work and patience paid off! She looked and asked about me. But now that person is gone...Al-Fatihah. Unexpectedly, the thing happen to me again.

I try hard to bond with you,
I'm tired and sad to see you ignoring me.
When I ask you,
"are you sick? are you ok? are you tired?"
That didn't mean that you're weak,
I'm simply care about you!
Sorry for my questions,
if they have irritated you so much.

I know that I'm not as good as that girl,
But believe me, I did try my best to e a good friend to you,
Whether you realised it or not,
Whether you think that I'm too sensitive or not,
It hurts me,
Whenever you say "Hi!, Morning!, Hey, Nyte!" to her,
While I'm here by your side,
And you said nothing to me.

Nobody knows about this...
If u feel like I'm talking about you here,
pretend like you don't, because its not.
All I'am asking from you is to believe me,
tell me your problem,
look up for me.
People may have opinions and judge our friendship,
but this thought never stopped me from being your friend because
I know that we can at least be friends.

Now I'm scared to ask you,
Even one simple question.
If I don't ask , that doesn't mean that I don't care, but simply
I'm scared that my questions are going to irritate you.
Perhaps you don't like my style of showing you that I care.

I've been thinking what make our bond bizarre,
We do not share much!
What am I supposed to do when you yourself do not choose me to tell your problems,
If you are not comfortable with me,fine,
I can understand that, but as long as you know,
I do care about you and I want to share a lot of things with you.

If you don't want to tell me your problems,
make sure I'll don't hear them from others,
Because when I know you don't share your problem,
even when I already told you that you can lean on me, believe me,
You made me feel like I'm a useless friend.

We are so near yet so far.

P/s: This was written a long long long time ago. I found this sheet so I decided to publish it. That's all.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

SELAMAT HARI LAHIR Mohamad Yusri bin Shamsuddin!

Selamat Hari Lahir Yusri! Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki :) 
Hari jadi dia sebenarnya semalam, tapi memandangkan ramai sangat yang hendak menayambut hari lahir Yus, rakan-rakan sekelas punya giliran adalah hari ini. Mimi jadi penyibuk sahaja.
(seronok sambut hari lahir orang taw!) XD


Mula-mula kami makan di satu-satunya kedai halal di Volgograd-Chaihana.
Sempena hari lahir Yus, 'birthday boy' dapat satu botol air pepsi percuma! ;)

Aktiviti seterusnya: membeli-belah di pasaraya Real. 
Tujuan asalnya adalah untuk membeli barang keperluan Jat, tapi tiba-tiba kami terlihat kostum-kostum Krismas yang sangat menarik! So, we suited up! It had been my childhood dream- to be locked in a mall so that I can try on all outfit in the mall! Secara tidak langsung, impian itu tercapai!

dapat juga saya merasa pakai sayap itu!


rusa mereng-nenek blonde-spideynitsa

Semasa perjalanan pulang, tempat parkir kereta di hadapan pasar raya lengang dan salji telah memenuhi kawasan lapang tersebut. So, these were what we done <3

Saya, Nawal dan Syeeda buat 'snow angel' XD

Masa balik, hujan salji sangat lebat. The snow on the road-sparkling so brightly that everyone will only amazed by it if you watched the snow by your own eyes. Nyte...zzz

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Breaking Dawn

First of all, I am not the fan of Twilight series. Seriously! But yesterday, my lecturer, Olga Nikalaevna , Syahrin and me went to cinema. We went because we simply wanted to accompany her [both of us do not really like this series :)]

Let me tell you something, this one= Breaking Dawn, really changed my mind! It made me want to watch the full series. I missed Twilight Saga: Eclipse. For some reasons it didn't affect me much though I missed the third series.

I will not give any detail of the movie,because I don't want to spoil the suspense, but one thing I can tell you is that it is not a waste of money and time watching it even I watched it in Russian. For sure, I didn't understand every word they said, but still Breaking Dawn worth 218roubles ! 
Thank you to Olga Nikalaevna for translating and thank you to Syahrin for accompanying.

P/s: 18 SX! Ya sama stenialas-me myself felt shame.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Vitamin C Injection

I'm 19 years and 9 months old. Recently, I found out I'm aging. When I looked in the mirror, I can see my wrinkles! On the forehead especially. And also my eyebags! Ouch.

Im thinking of getting botox, but no way I have a pair of cekodok-like cheeks already that I don't want them to grow any bigger. By the way, can get botox injection only at the forehead area meh? mmm Somehow I am a Muslimah that we cannot get any of this injection. So  I was thinking of getting vitamin C injection. Still this injection is prohibited in Islam.

Plus, it's not all glowing face and rosy cheeks; there are some very real side effects. They include localized inflammation of the vein, thinning of bones, kidney problems and allergic reactions. While some of the side effects may be temporary and not really serious, there are others which may lead to death.

Subcutaneous infusions of vitamin C should only be used for emergency situations, such as combating advanced cases of scurvy. As I do not have scurvy, so taking vitamin C subcutaneously is not necessary for me.

Injections are also an invasive procedure. It breaks the skin. The biggest danger from injections is not so much a dirty needle as it is dirty skin. Needles can push bacteria and other contaminants that normally reside safely on the surface of the skin beneath the skin causing a nasty and ugly condition called orbital cellulites.

The body can only absorb so much of any one given source, be it vitamin or mineral--the rest of the substance is then "sluffed off" &/or accumulated into harmful excess.Thus, internal cell structural damage can occur with build up over the use of a certain time frame or plan.

The Malaysian Medical Resources Says:
1) The best source of vitamins, including vitamin C, are a good helping of fruits and veg. This is truly natural. Anything that comes in a pill, capsule, bottle or injection is no longer natural.
2) More is not necessarily better. It may be harmful. [Well, with injections you ca get either 1000 mg or perhaps 2000..while daily your body needs 100x LESS than that!]
3) The main effect of expensive Vitamin C injections will be an increased production of expensive urine (Vitamin C is water soluble and is excreted in the urine)

Malaysia Dermatology Association president Dr Gangaram Hemandas said that from a scientific point of view, there is no justification for its use as an intravenous infusion,adding that the best way to deliver Vitamin C to the skin was applying it as a cream. [I guess there is no use of using Vitamin C by injecting it because  Vitamin C is water soluble, so you gain nothing by injecting it. Even subcutaneously. It can agitates structural skin tissue & cause ulcerated wounds.]He also said that Vitamin C supplements were for people with low levels of the vitamin.

So what do you say? :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Hari  ini mimi sedih ;( DOOMMMMMMM!

Tak perlu diceritakan sebab-sebabnya. Jadi mimi mula 'menyaiko' dalam kelas. Nasib baik kelas Fisio kali ini cikgu asyik buat lawak. XD

Aktiviti2 menyaiko:
1.menghantar mesej ke handphone sendiri menggunakan kredit dan handphone Hairi Danial
2.mengada-ngada pada Ayu dan Jiha
3.menyuruh Adam meminta maaf
4.berbual-bual dengan mat-mat Rusia dalam lif
5.ambil gambar kami bertiga [mimi,jiha,ayu] dan jadikan 'wallpaper' dan 'screensaver' handphone Hairi Danial
6.menyaiko tentang skandal-skandal Syahrin
7.mat we....err....kureng... i just can't get the idea how to do those weird things to you yet.Wait!

Sampai nak balik pon mimi menyaiko lagi. Nasib baik teman-teman sekelas semua melayan. <3 memanglah mimi makin sayang korang. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 nah amek sorang satu. Jangan berebut.

Thanks for being by my side. At least you guys did make me feel better :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Rahsia Hatiku - Banmal song

A few weeks ago, I watched We Got Maried-YongSeo couple. The song they made together is really-my favorite song. As I cannot remember the lyrics in Korean, so today, out-of-sudden I came up with an idea to write my own lyrics using this songs melody. 

Thank you to Hairy Danial for giving the chord so that I can synchronize my new lyrics with YongSeos' lyrics.

So, I wrote the lyrics,from noon till now and it is not the translation of the original lyrics. The lyrics I wrote simply came from deep in my heart. [ceyh-konon]

Rahsia Hatiku
Melodi- 'Banmal song'

Intro : G D Em D
          C G Am D 

G                D
Ku tak tahu mengapa
             Dm                      E
Ku sendiri tak  mengerti perasaanku
             Am7                 Am
Hanya kau kutunggu Hanya kau ku rindu
          C                    D7
Hanya kau saja di hatiku

G            D
Ku perlu katamu
            Dm                    E
Kerna itu saja yang meyakinkanku
    Am7                     Am
Tapi hati bimbang jika membebankan
      C                D7
Jadi aku menjauhimu


        G                     D
Di lubuk hatiku ada satu perasaan
              Em          D
Namun aku sendiri tak mengertikannya
        C      D   Bm  Em
Biarkan ia menjadi rahsia
                 C                      D
Yang aku simpan hanya untukmu
        G                     D
Di lubuk hatiku ada satu perasaan
             Em        D
Namun aku sendiri keliru
       C      D    Bm  Em     C
Biarkan ia menjadi rahsia Dan katakanlah
Kau cintaku.

G               D
Ketika berjauhan

G                   D
Ku ingin kau kembali
                  Dm                  E
Kerna bersamamu ku rasa sempurna
     Am7                   Am
Tapi ku bertanya adakah dirimu
      C                  D7
Sudi menemani diriku


Interlude : G D Em D
                C D Bm Em C D7


Outro : G

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bye bowling, Hye badminton

Today, I began my day by cooking some pancakes. First try-chocolate pancake. hihi not a big success though.

Nawal, Ayu and Jiha are having their usrah at our house. Like usual I would not be able to join them because I got badminton training. Somehow today is quite different. Today i'm not gonna play anything because today is the final game for all categories.

final single male- alan vs misha [our coach] > alan won
final single female- ee lin vs cecelia > eelin won
double male - alan+aidid vs misha+oleg > misha +oleg won
double male (3rd and 4th place) - aniq+wong vs "curly"+"kuda" > "curly"+"kuda" won
double female - eelin+cecelia vs russian chicks > eelin+cecelia won

Alan won over our coach is predictable. Eelin is goddess :) Cecelia and Aidid also desreved those medals. 

Aniq and Wong did give their best and for me they are Daebak! During their game I was about to scream a few times. The curly and kuda is hard to defeat and they actually won 'sipi-sipi'. 
2-1, 22-20. err..saiko

I simply came to see how they play-well, you can say > a process of learning. The thought of stop playing badminton had been playing on my mind-times. But there are quite good reasons that cause me to keep playing badminton.

My friend, Kavkaz girl- Faridah won the third place for double female. Honestly I am amazed by her. We always practice together and she always 'all out' during practicing. She told me the medal she got today is her first medal in her life. WOW! Congratulations Faridah. Someone told me that Aidid used to say that Faridah did improve. After hearing that, I was like- did I improve even a little? Well, frankly speaking-yes and frankly speaking again-only a little, that there is nothing to be brag about.

Badminton is not my game. I never played badminton seriously. If there was sports day or whatsoever tournament, badminton will not be in my choices. But now I'm taking it seriously. I even bought a planner to jot down any day that i miss the training and the reasons.

In my life, of course I am the heroin. So usually in a story or fairy tale, the heroin will come up as a winner at the end. YEAH! I do have that wish!  The last two weeks I lost in single game. I am disappointed because I knew that I did not give the best. That was my first game in my life, and I don't know how to put in words those feelings were, but the game was totally different from the practice. Either it is the pressure or what so ever.

Last week, I have to play mix double. At first I thought I am not going to play for double or mix double,but then I was being informed that I was paired with Aniq. For some reasons, my partner change to Wen Siong. That Sunday was Raya Qurban and all my housemates went to mosque to celebrate it! :,(

I persuaded myself to go for the tournament because I did not want Wen Siong to be there without partner. You know what! Aidid called me and told me that Wen Siong could not come. Aiyoo!!! At that moment, i was really sad, i was thinking of not going but Aniq was on the way, I was thinking to go to mosque but it was late already. :'( nak raya! Dengan langkah yang berat, saya pun pergi juga ke Kim.

Luckily, Aidid and me did win one game  and thanks to Aidid. We lost to Alan and Ee Lin but I enjoyed the game. I played double with Dasha and I enjoyed the game too.

No one can predict the ending of my fairy tale =) Well practices make perfect and I am putting my faith in these words. 
Jiayou Mimi! 

P/s: today while watching them playing, outside- snow falling. You definitely know how much I love snow. <3 The feeling of living in a snow globe stroke my heart!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Itu atau ini

crush=suka; love=cinta

Saya baru selesai membaca satu artikel tentang suka atau cinta. Penulis berkenaan kemukakan beberapa soalan sebagai 'guide' untuk pembaca bezakan cinta dan suka. 'Somehow' penulis berkenaan ada menyatakan yang beliau sendiri kurang pasti. 

Bagi saya, perkara-perkara yang berkaitan dengan perasaan, sememangnya sukar untuk dirungkai. Dengan menjawab beberapa soalan, kita sudah mampu merungkai perasaan sebenar kita. 'Well'~tidak semudah itu.  

Menunggu sms atau panggilan dr si dia-cinta kah? suka kah? atau sekadar kerana kita keseorangan.
Mengambil berat tentang si dia- cinta kah? suka kah? atau sekadar 'manner' kerana kita berkawan.
Cemburu dengan org2 di sekeliling dia- cinta kah? suka kah? atau sekadar kerana kita sudah rapat dan takut kehilangan dia?


Amalkanlah doa ini, insyaAllah hati lebih tenang kalau kalian rasa asyik teringatkan si dia. PnW!

‎" .. Jika benar dia tercipta untukku, maka permudahkanlah segalanya buat kami .. "
" .. Jika dia benar untukku, dekatkanlah hatinya dengan hatiku .‎" 

Saya pernah terdengar cerita tentang seorang 'super-senior' saya. Dia (perempuan) telah berkenan pada seorg kawannya. Lalu si gadis berkenaan pun bertanya pada seorang ustaz apa yang harus dia lakukan. Jadi
Ustaz pun memberitahu si gadis untuk mengamalkan satu doa. Mungkin doa tersebut lebih kurang dengan doa di atas. Alhamdulillah, si gadis sudah pun bernikah dengan lelaki yang disukainya. <3

Walaubagaimanapun, jika kalian 'end-up' tidak seperti 'super-senior' saya, cuba fahami maksud doa tersebut. "jika benar dia tercipta untukku....jika benar dia untukku.." Jadi, faham-fahamlah. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

where is the love?

Tomorrow i have to send my homework and the homework is to write a text about love!
haiyo...i do anticipate when it comes to 'love' stuff. It is universal. Love to our god,Allah, Rasulullah and parents.

i am single. Am i deserve to say anything about love?

I once confused that is it wrong to have a feeling for someone? Well, thanks to my friend, she told me that it is fine to have a feeling to someone.Known as 'lumrah'. It is wrong when you start to imagine this and that about him or her.

As for me, i will just anticipate to understand more about love. i wonder how my parents can stand each other for so long. well,  the love-bond is responsible for this and this show how strong a love can be.
I am an ordinary girl. i always live a life full of dream. For me, love is beautiful-INDAH.

PS:ignore the grammar and spelling.sorry

Friday, 21 October 2011

LOVE LETTER myself not sure what im going to write...

DIL,it was you the one in my dream. You were so close to me, but still, i can't talk to you. And i missed you so much till my tears burst.

We knew each other long time ago. We'd been friend though distance separates us. It's been 7 years and we are still best friend. Till one day we decided to be more than best friend.

And it did not last long,both of us decided to end it,because of our own reasons. Yes, it was a decision made by BOTH of us. Im not sure what exactly your reason. As for me,it is not like i have another guy in my mind,but frankly speaking,i think that i am going to make things hard for you,so i am letting you go. I didn't feel much guilt, because you were letting me go too.

Now,im quite certain that i get over you. Of course i appreciate our relationship, and this is the reason why im posting this,to tell you that i appreciate our relationship.

I know that we both must get over each other. We just cant go back to the old us. I want to ask you how have you been and etc. but i simply cant. This is because im afraid that im gonna fall for you again.

I did care, think and <3 you, once. Take care.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable. ~Dave Tyson Gentry

This post is dedicated to my dear dear friend..

.Happy Birthday love! Sambegi Somasegaran <3

I knew her since primary school [sekolah kebangsaan sri kulim]...we'd been in the same class for a few years....then we were accepted to MRSM PDRM..still in the same class....

Somehow...after PMR we were separated...but still we keep in touch...this year during last summer holiday..i didnt make it to have a 'date' with sorry sam...But one thing for matter how far we matter how long we hadn't meet each other...u will always in my mind...

U taught me the real meaning of friendship...u taught me how to appreciate and protect our friendship....and above all...if i have to tell why i love our friendship...there will be no reason..simply>>>...i love the way it is..

All the best to you.... 

NO OFFENSE, SAM...u noe wat i mean!
...dah lama tak masuk air ngan ko!
miz u <3

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Sayu... hati ini makin sayup
Rindu... terkenangkan desa permai
Wajah ayah bonda bermain di mata

Mengajak ku pulang ke desa
Di hari bahagia hari raya

Lama kutunggu
Bertemu di pagi mulia
Namun tidak kesampaian
Airmata jatuh berlinangan

Kuingin berulang manisnya bersama
Menyambut hari bahgia
Jarak memisahkan rindu pertemuan
Bilakah hasrat jadi nyata

Duhai ayah bonda ampunkan anakanda
Tak dapat beraya bersama
Jauh dari mata dekat dalam jiwa
Teguh kasihku tidak berubah 



1 SYAWAL 1432
me: bu, dah tua2 ni x rasa nk rayakan...
ibu: haah,mmm nnt akk dh smpi sana akak dah rasa biasa je....ibu ni pun...nk pikirkan abg wan spm, aiman final exam....
me: mmm mmg...dkt sana nanti macam2 nk settle...rumah tu pon x berkemas, aritu pindah ltak barang je..bla bla

5 SYAWAL 1432

AHMAD NAZIRUL KHIRUDIN a friend of mine...suggested me to watch a video...made by him..
here you go...

00:32 "demi mencari ilmu dan pengalaman mematangkan diri sebagai seorang perantau"
01:08 "mujur ditemani rakan-rakan dapat juga menghilangkan kesedihan walaupun sedikit"
01:17 "teringat akan kemeriahan raya di kampung membuatkanku tersenyum"
01:53 "dengan rasa berat di hati ingin ku memohon ampun maaf dari mu ibu, ayah"
07:42  lecturer pakai baju kurung! <3
08:20 "biarlah orang korea pandang adat kunjung mengunjung mesti diteruskan"


Sebenarnya tidak kira di mana kita berada, raya tetap raya. Banyak benda yang istimewa tentang raya, 'acara' memohon maaf dan angpau-giving ceremony, mkn sedap2, head-to-toes bau kedai, dan yang paling istimewa sekali adat kunjung-mengunjung.

Bila saya tengok sahabat-sahabat di Seoul boleh bersama-sama pergi beraya, for me it's cool! awesome! Walaupun dekat airport, saya dan ibu bersetuju yang semakin kita berumur 'rasa raya' tu dah hilang, tambahan pula raya kali ini, ada beberapa ahli keluarga yang telah kembali ke rahmatullah, tapi lepas tonton video ni, saya sedar kalau lecturer2 kat sini boleh pakai baju kurung, baju melayu, pelajar-pelajar dapat kumpul ramai2 pergi beraya dari satu rumah ke rumah yang lain, 'rasa raya' mesti takkan hilang sepenuhnya.

Tahniah sahabat-sahabat di Seoul... you guys berjaya menggambarkan suasana raya di perantauan yang sgt meriah dan menyeronokkan.

P/S insyaAllah kami di Volgograd pun akan menjayakan aktiviti kunjung mengunjung. Rayakan sebulan n,n.