Friday, 21 October 2011

LOVE LETTER myself not sure what im going to write...

DIL,it was you the one in my dream. You were so close to me, but still, i can't talk to you. And i missed you so much till my tears burst.

We knew each other long time ago. We'd been friend though distance separates us. It's been 7 years and we are still best friend. Till one day we decided to be more than best friend.

And it did not last long,both of us decided to end it,because of our own reasons. Yes, it was a decision made by BOTH of us. Im not sure what exactly your reason. As for me,it is not like i have another guy in my mind,but frankly speaking,i think that i am going to make things hard for you,so i am letting you go. I didn't feel much guilt, because you were letting me go too.

Now,im quite certain that i get over you. Of course i appreciate our relationship, and this is the reason why im posting this,to tell you that i appreciate our relationship.

I know that we both must get over each other. We just cant go back to the old us. I want to ask you how have you been and etc. but i simply cant. This is because im afraid that im gonna fall for you again.

I did care, think and <3 you, once. Take care.


AshikinAdimun said...

syamimi azari said... nye...utk someone ni..kin aku betul2 mintak maaf sbb x pos2 lg psl first yr py sitezly aku dah tulis draft dh...nnt aku dah pos aku gtaw k