Sunday, 25 December 2011

5 days to go!

5 days to leave 2011 and welcome 2012!

I wonder if there will be any big change in my life during these 5 days as I am leaving this year.  I am actually supposed to write a new post on paintball activity done by KUV on KUV's blog and somehow I am losing my words so I ended up writing on my own blog. ^_^

 Well as I’m writing this post without any plan, I just wanna point out some points, some big events that happen to me this year.[n I’m planning to write about my 2011 properly on the next post, so wait for it yeah!]

January- I went for ice skating during the New Year holiday.

February- my surprised birthday party by my classmates [including Nawal] n my lecturer let us home without any home task because it was my birthday!

 March- joined badminton training [which caused some big changes to my life- yeah man.. I got to know Aniq, Alan, Aidid, Hafidz, Faridah, Katya, Doenna, Misha[coach] and for sure my best catalyst ever – Tan Eelin..haha]

April- I lost my grandmother.. Al-Fatehah, somehow 2 days after was my mother’s Happy Birthday bu! I sang one of her favorite songs- Ku Ada Kamu and made her some videos.

May-anything special???

June- summer’s exams

July- Vacation at Korea, Singapore

August- Ramadhan in Malaysia, reunion of “tujuh bergelora”

September- Back to Russia, with new hopes! Celebrated Nawal’s and Jiha’s birthday.

October- Aidilfitri’s Celebration n I was the MC. Well, new and nice experience. Thanks for believing me in such responsibility.

November- My dad’s birthday. Made him a video by using pictures I took myself by using my DSLR. Kak Dayah’s birthday- gave her a memorial album. This is my first time do a birthday video and memorial album. How lucky they are..haha

December- Syazwan’s birthday. Celebrated at Coffee House.


Anonymous said...

its already 2012...please update ur blog^_^...haha

syamimi azari said...

haha...ok ok