Tuesday, 22 November 2011

SELAMAT HARI LAHIR Mohamad Yusri bin Shamsuddin!

Selamat Hari Lahir Yusri! Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki :) 
Hari jadi dia sebenarnya semalam, tapi memandangkan ramai sangat yang hendak menayambut hari lahir Yus, rakan-rakan sekelas punya giliran adalah hari ini. Mimi jadi penyibuk sahaja.
(seronok sambut hari lahir orang taw!) XD


Mula-mula kami makan di satu-satunya kedai halal di Volgograd-Chaihana.
Sempena hari lahir Yus, 'birthday boy' dapat satu botol air pepsi percuma! ;)

Aktiviti seterusnya: membeli-belah di pasaraya Real. 
Tujuan asalnya adalah untuk membeli barang keperluan Jat, tapi tiba-tiba kami terlihat kostum-kostum Krismas yang sangat menarik! So, we suited up! It had been my childhood dream- to be locked in a mall so that I can try on all outfit in the mall! Secara tidak langsung, impian itu tercapai!

dapat juga saya merasa pakai sayap itu!


rusa mereng-nenek blonde-spideynitsa

Semasa perjalanan pulang, tempat parkir kereta di hadapan pasar raya lengang dan salji telah memenuhi kawasan lapang tersebut. So, these were what we done <3

Saya, Nawal dan Syeeda buat 'snow angel' XD

Masa balik, hujan salji sangat lebat. The snow on the road-sparkling so brightly that everyone will only amazed by it if you watched the snow by your own eyes. Nyte...zzz

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Breaking Dawn

First of all, I am not the fan of Twilight series. Seriously! But yesterday, my lecturer, Olga Nikalaevna , Syahrin and me went to cinema. We went because we simply wanted to accompany her [both of us do not really like this series :)]

Let me tell you something, this one= Breaking Dawn, really changed my mind! It made me want to watch the full series. I missed Twilight Saga: Eclipse. For some reasons it didn't affect me much though I missed the third series.

I will not give any detail of the movie,because I don't want to spoil the suspense, but one thing I can tell you is that it is not a waste of money and time watching it even I watched it in Russian. For sure, I didn't understand every word they said, but still Breaking Dawn worth 218roubles ! 
Thank you to Olga Nikalaevna for translating and thank you to Syahrin for accompanying.

P/s: 18 SX! Ya sama stenialas-me myself felt shame.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Vitamin C Injection

I'm 19 years and 9 months old. Recently, I found out I'm aging. When I looked in the mirror, I can see my wrinkles! On the forehead especially. And also my eyebags! Ouch.

Im thinking of getting botox, but no way I have a pair of cekodok-like cheeks already that I don't want them to grow any bigger. By the way, can get botox injection only at the forehead area meh? mmm Somehow I am a Muslimah that we cannot get any of this injection. So  I was thinking of getting vitamin C injection. Still this injection is prohibited in Islam.

Plus, it's not all glowing face and rosy cheeks; there are some very real side effects. They include localized inflammation of the vein, thinning of bones, kidney problems and allergic reactions. While some of the side effects may be temporary and not really serious, there are others which may lead to death.

Subcutaneous infusions of vitamin C should only be used for emergency situations, such as combating advanced cases of scurvy. As I do not have scurvy, so taking vitamin C subcutaneously is not necessary for me.

Injections are also an invasive procedure. It breaks the skin. The biggest danger from injections is not so much a dirty needle as it is dirty skin. Needles can push bacteria and other contaminants that normally reside safely on the surface of the skin beneath the skin causing a nasty and ugly condition called orbital cellulites.

The body can only absorb so much of any one given source, be it vitamin or mineral--the rest of the substance is then "sluffed off" &/or accumulated into harmful excess.Thus, internal cell structural damage can occur with build up over the use of a certain time frame or plan.

The Malaysian Medical Resources Says:
1) The best source of vitamins, including vitamin C, are a good helping of fruits and veg. This is truly natural. Anything that comes in a pill, capsule, bottle or injection is no longer natural.
2) More is not necessarily better. It may be harmful. [Well, with injections you ca get either 1000 mg or perhaps 2000..while daily your body needs 100x LESS than that!]
3) The main effect of expensive Vitamin C injections will be an increased production of expensive urine (Vitamin C is water soluble and is excreted in the urine)

Malaysia Dermatology Association president Dr Gangaram Hemandas said that from a scientific point of view, there is no justification for its use as an intravenous infusion,adding that the best way to deliver Vitamin C to the skin was applying it as a cream. [I guess there is no use of using Vitamin C by injecting it because  Vitamin C is water soluble, so you gain nothing by injecting it. Even subcutaneously. It can agitates structural skin tissue & cause ulcerated wounds.]He also said that Vitamin C supplements were for people with low levels of the vitamin.

So what do you say? :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Hari  ini mimi sedih ;( DOOMMMMMMM!

Tak perlu diceritakan sebab-sebabnya. Jadi mimi mula 'menyaiko' dalam kelas. Nasib baik kelas Fisio kali ini cikgu asyik buat lawak. XD

Aktiviti2 menyaiko:
1.menghantar mesej ke handphone sendiri menggunakan kredit dan handphone Hairi Danial
2.mengada-ngada pada Ayu dan Jiha
3.menyuruh Adam meminta maaf
4.berbual-bual dengan mat-mat Rusia dalam lif
5.ambil gambar kami bertiga [mimi,jiha,ayu] dan jadikan 'wallpaper' dan 'screensaver' handphone Hairi Danial
6.menyaiko tentang skandal-skandal Syahrin
7.mat we....err....kureng... i just can't get the idea how to do those weird things to you yet.Wait!

Sampai nak balik pon mimi menyaiko lagi. Nasib baik teman-teman sekelas semua melayan. <3 memanglah mimi makin sayang korang. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 nah amek sorang satu. Jangan berebut.

Thanks for being by my side. At least you guys did make me feel better :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Rahsia Hatiku - Banmal song

A few weeks ago, I watched We Got Maried-YongSeo couple. The song they made together is really-my favorite song. As I cannot remember the lyrics in Korean, so today, out-of-sudden I came up with an idea to write my own lyrics using this songs melody. 

Thank you to Hairy Danial for giving the chord so that I can synchronize my new lyrics with YongSeos' lyrics.

So, I wrote the lyrics,from noon till now and it is not the translation of the original lyrics. The lyrics I wrote simply came from deep in my heart. [ceyh-konon]

Rahsia Hatiku
Melodi- 'Banmal song'

Intro : G D Em D
          C G Am D 

G                D
Ku tak tahu mengapa
             Dm                      E
Ku sendiri tak  mengerti perasaanku
             Am7                 Am
Hanya kau kutunggu Hanya kau ku rindu
          C                    D7
Hanya kau saja di hatiku

G            D
Ku perlu katamu
            Dm                    E
Kerna itu saja yang meyakinkanku
    Am7                     Am
Tapi hati bimbang jika membebankan
      C                D7
Jadi aku menjauhimu


        G                     D
Di lubuk hatiku ada satu perasaan
              Em          D
Namun aku sendiri tak mengertikannya
        C      D   Bm  Em
Biarkan ia menjadi rahsia
                 C                      D
Yang aku simpan hanya untukmu
        G                     D
Di lubuk hatiku ada satu perasaan
             Em        D
Namun aku sendiri keliru
       C      D    Bm  Em     C
Biarkan ia menjadi rahsia Dan katakanlah
Kau cintaku.

G               D
Ketika berjauhan

G                   D
Ku ingin kau kembali
                  Dm                  E
Kerna bersamamu ku rasa sempurna
     Am7                   Am
Tapi ku bertanya adakah dirimu
      C                  D7
Sudi menemani diriku


Interlude : G D Em D
                C D Bm Em C D7


Outro : G

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bye bowling, Hye badminton

Today, I began my day by cooking some pancakes. First try-chocolate pancake. hihi not a big success though.

Nawal, Ayu and Jiha are having their usrah at our house. Like usual I would not be able to join them because I got badminton training. Somehow today is quite different. Today i'm not gonna play anything because today is the final game for all categories.

final single male- alan vs misha [our coach] > alan won
final single female- ee lin vs cecelia > eelin won
double male - alan+aidid vs misha+oleg > misha +oleg won
double male (3rd and 4th place) - aniq+wong vs "curly"+"kuda" > "curly"+"kuda" won
double female - eelin+cecelia vs russian chicks > eelin+cecelia won

Alan won over our coach is predictable. Eelin is goddess :) Cecelia and Aidid also desreved those medals. 

Aniq and Wong did give their best and for me they are Daebak! During their game I was about to scream a few times. The curly and kuda is hard to defeat and they actually won 'sipi-sipi'. 
2-1, 22-20. err..saiko

I simply came to see how they play-well, you can say > a process of learning. The thought of stop playing badminton had been playing on my mind-times. But there are quite good reasons that cause me to keep playing badminton.

My friend, Kavkaz girl- Faridah won the third place for double female. Honestly I am amazed by her. We always practice together and she always 'all out' during practicing. She told me the medal she got today is her first medal in her life. WOW! Congratulations Faridah. Someone told me that Aidid used to say that Faridah did improve. After hearing that, I was like- did I improve even a little? Well, frankly speaking-yes and frankly speaking again-only a little, that there is nothing to be brag about.

Badminton is not my game. I never played badminton seriously. If there was sports day or whatsoever tournament, badminton will not be in my choices. But now I'm taking it seriously. I even bought a planner to jot down any day that i miss the training and the reasons.

In my life, of course I am the heroin. So usually in a story or fairy tale, the heroin will come up as a winner at the end. YEAH! I do have that wish!  The last two weeks I lost in single game. I am disappointed because I knew that I did not give the best. That was my first game in my life, and I don't know how to put in words those feelings were, but the game was totally different from the practice. Either it is the pressure or what so ever.

Last week, I have to play mix double. At first I thought I am not going to play for double or mix double,but then I was being informed that I was paired with Aniq. For some reasons, my partner change to Wen Siong. That Sunday was Raya Qurban and all my housemates went to mosque to celebrate it! :,(

I persuaded myself to go for the tournament because I did not want Wen Siong to be there without partner. You know what! Aidid called me and told me that Wen Siong could not come. Aiyoo!!! At that moment, i was really sad, i was thinking of not going but Aniq was on the way, I was thinking to go to mosque but it was late already. :'( nak raya! Dengan langkah yang berat, saya pun pergi juga ke Kim.

Luckily, Aidid and me did win one game  and thanks to Aidid. We lost to Alan and Ee Lin but I enjoyed the game. I played double with Dasha and I enjoyed the game too.

No one can predict the ending of my fairy tale =) Well practices make perfect and I am putting my faith in these words. 
Jiayou Mimi! 

P/s: today while watching them playing, outside- snow falling. You definitely know how much I love snow. <3 The feeling of living in a snow globe stroke my heart!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Itu atau ini

crush=suka; love=cinta

Saya baru selesai membaca satu artikel tentang suka atau cinta. Penulis berkenaan kemukakan beberapa soalan sebagai 'guide' untuk pembaca bezakan cinta dan suka. 'Somehow' penulis berkenaan ada menyatakan yang beliau sendiri kurang pasti. 

Bagi saya, perkara-perkara yang berkaitan dengan perasaan, sememangnya sukar untuk dirungkai. Dengan menjawab beberapa soalan, kita sudah mampu merungkai perasaan sebenar kita. 'Well'~tidak semudah itu.  

Menunggu sms atau panggilan dr si dia-cinta kah? suka kah? atau sekadar kerana kita keseorangan.
Mengambil berat tentang si dia- cinta kah? suka kah? atau sekadar 'manner' kerana kita berkawan.
Cemburu dengan org2 di sekeliling dia- cinta kah? suka kah? atau sekadar kerana kita sudah rapat dan takut kehilangan dia?


Amalkanlah doa ini, insyaAllah hati lebih tenang kalau kalian rasa asyik teringatkan si dia. PnW!

‎" .. Jika benar dia tercipta untukku, maka permudahkanlah segalanya buat kami .. "
" .. Jika dia benar untukku, dekatkanlah hatinya dengan hatiku .‎" 

Saya pernah terdengar cerita tentang seorang 'super-senior' saya. Dia (perempuan) telah berkenan pada seorg kawannya. Lalu si gadis berkenaan pun bertanya pada seorang ustaz apa yang harus dia lakukan. Jadi
Ustaz pun memberitahu si gadis untuk mengamalkan satu doa. Mungkin doa tersebut lebih kurang dengan doa di atas. Alhamdulillah, si gadis sudah pun bernikah dengan lelaki yang disukainya. <3

Walaubagaimanapun, jika kalian 'end-up' tidak seperti 'super-senior' saya, cuba fahami maksud doa tersebut. "jika benar dia tercipta untukku....jika benar dia untukku.." Jadi, faham-fahamlah. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui.