Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bye bowling, Hye badminton

Today, I began my day by cooking some pancakes. First try-chocolate pancake. hihi not a big success though.

Nawal, Ayu and Jiha are having their usrah at our house. Like usual I would not be able to join them because I got badminton training. Somehow today is quite different. Today i'm not gonna play anything because today is the final game for all categories.

final single male- alan vs misha [our coach] > alan won
final single female- ee lin vs cecelia > eelin won
double male - alan+aidid vs misha+oleg > misha +oleg won
double male (3rd and 4th place) - aniq+wong vs "curly"+"kuda" > "curly"+"kuda" won
double female - eelin+cecelia vs russian chicks > eelin+cecelia won

Alan won over our coach is predictable. Eelin is goddess :) Cecelia and Aidid also desreved those medals. 

Aniq and Wong did give their best and for me they are Daebak! During their game I was about to scream a few times. The curly and kuda is hard to defeat and they actually won 'sipi-sipi'. 
2-1, 22-20. err..saiko

I simply came to see how they play-well, you can say > a process of learning. The thought of stop playing badminton had been playing on my mind-times. But there are quite good reasons that cause me to keep playing badminton.

My friend, Kavkaz girl- Faridah won the third place for double female. Honestly I am amazed by her. We always practice together and she always 'all out' during practicing. She told me the medal she got today is her first medal in her life. WOW! Congratulations Faridah. Someone told me that Aidid used to say that Faridah did improve. After hearing that, I was like- did I improve even a little? Well, frankly speaking-yes and frankly speaking again-only a little, that there is nothing to be brag about.

Badminton is not my game. I never played badminton seriously. If there was sports day or whatsoever tournament, badminton will not be in my choices. But now I'm taking it seriously. I even bought a planner to jot down any day that i miss the training and the reasons.

In my life, of course I am the heroin. So usually in a story or fairy tale, the heroin will come up as a winner at the end. YEAH! I do have that wish!  The last two weeks I lost in single game. I am disappointed because I knew that I did not give the best. That was my first game in my life, and I don't know how to put in words those feelings were, but the game was totally different from the practice. Either it is the pressure or what so ever.

Last week, I have to play mix double. At first I thought I am not going to play for double or mix double,but then I was being informed that I was paired with Aniq. For some reasons, my partner change to Wen Siong. That Sunday was Raya Qurban and all my housemates went to mosque to celebrate it! :,(

I persuaded myself to go for the tournament because I did not want Wen Siong to be there without partner. You know what! Aidid called me and told me that Wen Siong could not come. Aiyoo!!! At that moment, i was really sad, i was thinking of not going but Aniq was on the way, I was thinking to go to mosque but it was late already. :'( nak raya! Dengan langkah yang berat, saya pun pergi juga ke Kim.

Luckily, Aidid and me did win one game  and thanks to Aidid. We lost to Alan and Ee Lin but I enjoyed the game. I played double with Dasha and I enjoyed the game too.

No one can predict the ending of my fairy tale =) Well practices make perfect and I am putting my faith in these words. 
Jiayou Mimi! 

P/s: today while watching them playing, outside- snow falling. You definitely know how much I love snow. <3 The feeling of living in a snow globe stroke my heart!


Nawal Amalina said...

chaiyokkkk mimi <3
the day will come!

syamimi azari said...

thx nawal!! ill wait for the day :)