Sunday, 23 October 2011

where is the love?

Tomorrow i have to send my homework and the homework is to write a text about love!
haiyo...i do anticipate when it comes to 'love' stuff. It is universal. Love to our god,Allah, Rasulullah and parents.

i am single. Am i deserve to say anything about love?

I once confused that is it wrong to have a feeling for someone? Well, thanks to my friend, she told me that it is fine to have a feeling to someone.Known as 'lumrah'. It is wrong when you start to imagine this and that about him or her.

As for me, i will just anticipate to understand more about love. i wonder how my parents can stand each other for so long. well,  the love-bond is responsible for this and this show how strong a love can be.
I am an ordinary girl. i always live a life full of dream. For me, love is beautiful-INDAH.

PS:ignore the grammar and spelling.sorry

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