Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Hope

Happy New Year.

I was exactly from my facebook tab. Yup, I'm Having that no-idea-moments. I'd been typing and deleting over and over again in that status section and at last I decide to write all my thoughts here.

Well, thinking that no one is going to read my blog, it gives me strength to write any of my thoughts here without being judged.

So, here goes my deep thought in accordance to New Year's Eve.

Everyone, here and there, is wishing happy new year. I come to this idea of not posting this wish on facebook because I were thinking, why should I?.. But just then I realized... in this cliche three words, once a year wish, it contains hope!

Some may be giving words of wisdom, some may sounds like they are complaining, some may comes with resolutions, whatever things they are sharing, I strongly believe, they are hoping at the very least that 2015 will be filled with better things.

It had been hard to me. 2014 it was. I broke up with this guy I've known for about 8 years, family problems here and there, my Iphone had been accidentally damaged by someone who is actually trying to repair it, looking for true friends issue, trusting people issue, looking for my purposes of life issue, not able to have my dream vacation due to unexpected weather changing and more. I hardly, barely, recall any good memories of 2014.

whatever it is, whoever you are, if you happened to read this, your prayers will be much appreciated. Do pray that I'll be a better daughter, sister, friend, student, doctor and muslimah. Thank you. God bless you too. Amin.

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