Saturday, 13 December 2014

If you can't, don't.

There is this one love story. Well... cliche..I asked the girl.."why you like the guy..???"
Before I tell you the answer... I will first tell you why I ask her.

The guy.. it'd been quite some time since I know him. I may say we have this one common interest, hence we support each other. Well... as a senior in this 'field' (in which we have the same interest) he is the one who supports me most of the time. Unfortunately... my friends who are in my circle...seems to find him annoying. While for me..I find him is helpful most of the time.

Since I feel like I'm the only one who see the good in him, it's interesting to know he now has a partner. It makes me feel like I'm not the only one on his side, I'm not standing on the wrong side. So, I ask the girl.. what you like about him. And the answer is.. JENG3... "he is interesting". And I find her answer is interesting haha

Well, what I learned here is that.. there is neither wrong nor right side (well there may be,  but not in this case). It's how you interpret and understand someone. Some people find him annoying because they don't get him, while I'm vice versa. So, neither them nor me on the right or wrong side. It's just how we understand each other.

If you can't love, don't hate.

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