Thursday, 18 December 2014

If I Stay

If I'm a cello player,
If I'm beautiful,
If I'm living in Portland.
I wonder what's there,
 after the if.

Well, if and only if. I wonder what will happen in my life? Will there be a big difference...? I guess .. nay..I can't see, in made a choosing something you're letting go of something. Simple.

I chose Russia, I'd let go of my dream of going to Ireland.

I chose to break up, I'm letting go of my memories.

I chose to keep my feelings as a secret, I'm letting them go.

I choose to be a doctor, I'm letting go of any hidden potential that I have.

Well there might be another as us... our maybe a better or a worse life than ours. Who knows?

"Life is this big, fat, gigantic, stinking mess. That's the beauty of it too"- If I Stay Movie.

The road never taken, is the road we never know where it'll brings us to. 

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