Monday, 26 January 2015

Meh nak cakap sikit

So, awak kat mana..?
haha tetiba.. ok macam ini uolss..yaAllah kita geram sgt..adalah a few people ini, they post gambar dekat insta with caption i gemuk, i pendek, i itu i ini... the thing is that they are not! and it starts to get on my nerve. no seriously..they are pretty, thin and tall but labelling themselves as not. why o why my pretty baes?
While you guys were condeming yourself, we here, the real pendek, gemuk gegurls are trying to find the best angle ever so that we can look kurus and thin and pretty.

Don't you get it? you are not ugly, you are pretty! I got girl crush on you! The real short, fat, bearing 5 kilos cheeks on each side babes will try and struggle to find the best angle, and since you guys are not struggling as much as we do, PLEASE, stop putting those @#$% captions.

Pardon my bahasa rojak. It happens all the time when I try to luahkan perasaan yang membuak-buak macam volkano merah membarrrre. tehee..tak marah pun, x emo pun, Im writing this with a smile on my face. okbai. PUAS HATI. ;)

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