Tuesday, 24 February 2015

best or good

huwarkkk tak boleh tak boleh nak kena cerita juga haha

ok, so, a senior of mine, he asked randomly, if one has a choice to be a person who is good, u know, like, just good, with a lot of things or a person who is best at one thing. This question is not tricky at all for me. My choice is definitely one who is best at one thing. 100% pure choice. But, to the twist of the story, more people comments to be good at a lot of things. I wonder why...
U see... it is always the best to be the best. World nowadays, they 'kill' you if you are not the best. Even if you are good, u're doomed because you are not the best.

My own experiences.
I was number two in exam, hence my picture is not up there.
I was number six, and they tell me they only take five of the best, like seriously!
I was asked to be a replacement, but when someone better came, they pushed me away. Good game huh!

This is the world nowadays. They only seek for the best. Who cares if you are good in a lot of things, you are just g-o-o-d.

Stephen Hawking- he is best at physics.The Beatles-the best band eva! Bill Gates-he is best at making money hihi see!

Quality over quantity. If you find it is not interesting to be the best at one thing, hehe...then go find one thing you are best at, the best that no one can beat you. Then, you'll see how it changes your perspective if life is interesting or not with one thing you best at. Nah..those who are best at one thing don't really care if it is hard to start anew in other things; because they don't even care to start other things when they have one thing they best at.

Well sound like I'm against those who have different choice than mine right. haha no offense. Tiba-tiba semangat berbahas 10 tahun lepas datang balik and maybe due to some of my dark experiences, I suddenly throw all these words.

fuh lega. Tadi masa tak dapat nak luahkan. Apa input pun tak boleh masuk kepala. Sekarang ini dah reda, baru rasa macam eh eh ye ke apa aku cakap ni haha..ok nnt kalau ada apa-apa, kita cerita lagi  ye.

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etie aziz said...

setuju dengan point mimi.. hehe, be the best at one thing kan..