Sunday, 11 March 2012


Yesterday I read a quote saying that,
 "Life is about the people that we love, not the people that love us".
Before, I always cherish the people that I think love me. But in the end, they left me. They were not there when I need them. So I've mistaken them. They do not love me, I am not that special to be loved by them. They are just being nice to me. So in the end I'm  disappointed. 

After I read the quote I mentioned earlier, I realised that I have to
 cherish the people that I love. Then I'll be happy to see their smile and satisfied. So, it is very important to admit that you do love your family, friend, teacher and others. So that your life will be meaningful. 

Here, another quote saying about the people that we love.

BUT! If you can't give a smile to your loved one..then read this:


That's all for today. The best of luck people.

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