Thursday, 15 March 2012

Not my languange.

I'm studying Russian language in Russia for the sake of becoming a doctor. Well, FYI Russian language is so hard and is not my thing. I'm good in art and math, so can you imagine how hard it is for me to catch up this hard-to-learn language.

Oh man..literature??!  Please! Even my mom used to help me with my Karangan Bahasa Melayu.[actually she wrote the whole thing for me!haha]

But it's different when it comes to this one particular Asian language. Ja-jang! Korean language. I like to watch reality shows and well there are plenty of Korean reality shows. To name, Running Man, Strong Heart, We Get Married and others. So, after watching a lot of Korean shows,eventually I fall in love with the language. Seriously!

Well it must've been easy for me to catch up a few words or phrases as I always translate my favourite Korean songs. Unfortunately,I do not learn how to write and read Korean properly, simply by hearing and reading the romanization of the lyrics that I got to know Korean language more. 

While for Russian language I have to read, write and speak correctly- that it's killing me! As a matter of fact, both Korean and Russian language does not use alphabet, hence both of them are actually hard to be learned. So, in my case, it is just a matter of my interest. :)

By the way, I went to Korea last summer, and it was an amazing vacation ever! XD

Well, I was just thinking if I can fall in love in Russian language, than it'll be more a lot more easier for me here.


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