Saturday, 9 June 2012


Pagi Ahad yang dimulakan dengan McDonald breakfast <3
Mi nak kongsi satu lirik lagu ini. Lagu Love Day.
Bila baca translation lagu ini, mi rasa sangat  sweet lirik dia. Sangat real. :)

Yang Yoseob BEAST & Jung Eun Ji (A Pink) Love Day English Translation Lyrics

I'm very curious, I'm curious about everything
Why can't I go to sleep and can only see your face?

I'm curious too, I'm curious about this heart
Why is it that when I see you, laughter comes out first?

When my friends are together and they mention you
Why do I get so excited and want to hear more?

If only you are there, I become someone else
And I make random, awkward jokes

Honestly, this feeling is so strange
Is this what it feels like to be on top of a cloud?

Is it like this, are we like this?
If you feel the same way, have we already started?

* I like you very very much
I think I came to love you
I want to say the same thing 
But is it okay if I do that? Should I wait a bit more?

** I also like you very very much
Honestly, this is the first time I'm feeling like this
I will wait more (will you wait more)
I will be here (will you be here)
We are already feeling the same way

What do you like about me? That's what I'm curious about
Since when did I live in your heart?

I'm curious too, I'm curious about your heart
Whether you really like me and not hate me?

There are so many pretty girls
So is it true that you really only see me?

Many handsome guys (who?) are by your side (where?)
So how are you coming to me girl

Honestly, I keep imagining us
This kind of feeling is so suspicious

Underneath the same sky (underneath the same sky)
We're thinking the same thoughts
I think we can say the same things too

* repeat

** repeat

Who likes who more? Do I like you more?
That's not important to me
If I extend my hand, will you never let go?I won't let go of your hand forever

I like you very very much
Honestly, I already love you
I can say the same thing but
Why do I keep shaking, why am I keep hesitating?
No I love you, you
Now I will tell you everything of my heart

Will you believe in me (I'll believe in you)
In my love (in this love)
Let's walk together side by side
The two of us

Hangul & Romanization Lyrics by Koletsy

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So, yang Mi highlight pink itu,giliran perempuan nyanyi. Lirik ini tak sehebat lirik lagu-lagu yang lain contohnya lirik lagu Sekadar di Pinggiran yang sangat mendalam maksud dia. Tapi apa yang menarik tentang lagu ini, (in my opinion) adalah sebab lagu ini sangat mudah difahami dan tepat tentang apa yang orang bercinta akan rasa :) Biasanya inilah mutual feeling yang  couple-couple akan rasa. Lagu ini makin menarik sebab lagu ini lagu duet. >_<

If you simply read the lyric, it seems like a conversation of a guy and girl confessing towards each other. Plus, there are some lines that kill me! For instances, "When my friends are together and they mention you, Why do I get so excited and want to hear more?" "There are so many pretty girls, So is it true that you really only see me?".


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