Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pareto Principle- 80/20

Hi everyone.

So my post this time will be basically about applying Pareto principle in our life.
Thank you to Irfan Khairi (one of the young Malaysian millionaire) who once gave me an article about this principle and to Valerie, my histology lecturer who reminded me of this principle.

Well the 80/20, means, 80% of our output is from 20 % of our input. There are business examples such as 20 percent of employees are responsible for 80 percent of a company’s output or 20 percent of customers are responsible for 80 percent of the revenues. Somehow to apply this principle in life, there are a few conditions that must be achieved first. 

  • Passion

This principle is not applicable if your 20-input is not your passion. For example, reading a John Grisham-like novel is not your passion, how come you expect an 80-output, right? So, the point here is that, the 20-input must be your passion. I'm a doctor-to- be and this is my passion. Somehow there are a few subjects that is not to my liking. So should i give up study? No, of course! It is a must to go through with it, so that i can be a doctor.
So, i look for another passion-photography. I am in love with it. So, i look around (20-input) and take pictures and share with my friends (80-output). So we see the world around us differently. So that is how I benefit my friend.  
If you do something you do not like, the principle will convert from 80/20 to 20/80- 80-input and 20-output.In other words, you are not productive.

  • Consuming and producing

So to apply a 80/20 life you have to convert a passion into a sustainable income. How? Only by producing output for other people to enjoy or make practical use of it. Consume the pleasure of a party, make new friends, share something and exchange thought which then help you to produce new ideas.

  • Focus

To start living 80/20 today you have only to do one thing – focus your energies on what you enjoy. Do the things you have the passion with. As for me, I love to eat, so when I’m eating, I’ll always inventing new recipe in my head rather than just swallowed the food (my way on focusing my energies on what i enjoy). So you see, my 20-input of eating which is my passion, I can create a value for others to enjoy which is my 80-output. So let's together be productive n,n.

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Nawal Amalina said...

menarik2 :)
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syamimi azari said...

beskan..nk try apply la..hihi...byk tu output..80%..valerie is a great lecturer!